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About Us

 The Greater Wakefield Resource Center Inc. is a non-profit entity created to serve the citizens of local community's in and around New Hampshire.  The building once known as the Union Hotel, then known as the VFW building, was purchased and restoration started with Community Development Block Grant. 

The initial renovation was completed which consisted of a new kitchen, 2 new restrooms, and a dining room that seats 80. There is also an attractive waiting area and an offices above. 

As the Center has grown, it began Senior Bingo, Adult meals three days a week and today it holds many different functions here at the center to accommodate our local communities needs.Please stop by during our Mon. - Fri. center open hours of 9 - 1pm to take a tour/inquire about our services and see what your center can do for you today.

FREE blood pressure/ Fee based flu clinics, FREE Computers for use to do research, job hunts and so much more right here in Union.


Pictures coming soon of what our second floor looks like today. Check back again.


The Resource Center has done a great deal of work to make this a place for education, Health, and enjoyment. We continue and with your direction, ideas and support both monetary and volunteering to assist our Center's dream, vision and mission, our communities heritage will be an icon of joy for families for centuries to come. A place of welcoming for our future generations to see the pride that their fore fathers had envisioned for them to enjoy.

 Our dream now is to renovate our second floor and to make our beautiful auditorium come back to life. But we're humble to understand, realize that Rome wasn't built in a day and therefore we seek your assistance in this campaign so we can assist many more individuals in our area who are in need of our support. A convenient place of comfort such as an idea of a day care center that is so needed in our communities that perhaps we could provide. But it comes down to our second floor being refinished and renovated.

With your assistance of other thoughts, ideas, concepts we will work hard on your behalf in diligence in raising funds through grants, renting functions on our state of the art kitchen, dining hall to make you very proud of your community.

But remember we can't do that without your help. It is our goal to find funding so we can stop watching the dust accumulate, how can you help us to help you? Please let us know!  Thank YOU!