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Meals On Wheels


We are proud to offer this valuable program to Senior Citizens around the Union area that will benefit from receiving a meal Monday through Friday.  This program began at our center in November of 2008 and has been a huge success! Without the generous people who volunteer their time to drive for us, this would have never taken off as well as it has. We currently have 30 Meals on Wheels clients that we deliver to, although this number changes quite frequently.  Our drivers are assigned  one of two routes and take an hour or so out of their busy schedules to put a smile on our clients faces. 


If you or anyone you know would like to benefit from helping out our community by driving for our program, please contact the center 473-8324 and ask for Laurie

 Words can't express the feeling you will get when you bring these meals to our clients and show them that someone cares.Unfortunately some of these clients are alone and without someone to come in with a cheery hello, they are very lonely. 

 Come join our team of volunteer drivers and put some joy into someone's life. I guarantee you will feel blessed.