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Why not come down to your center?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

We are located at 254 Main Street, PO Box 96, Union, NH 03887

The Greater Wakefield Resource Center is pleased to present our beautiful welcoming center. Everyone is cordially invited to stop by to say hello and take a tour of the facility. The center's Administrator is available during the hours of 9 - 1 pm Monday through Friday.

Thanks go to our dedicated GWRC board of directors, who volunteer their time and energy and are devoted to restoring our grand building. 

 Call, e-mail or stop in to see what The Greater Wakefield Resource Center has to offer.

We will be open for takeout lunches again starting Jan 4th!  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Call with any questions and check out the menu. 

We are currently in need of Meals on Wheels drivers!  Even one day a month or one day a week would help.  Call Martha at 473-8324.