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NEW Videos / Photos Gallery

Our Employees Our Employees Kitchen Betty aka Betty Boop Service with a smile.. 35220354 Our Seniors Nancy (administrator) and Her Mom Lena 35220355 Jen Jen makes the best deserts.. try her whoopie pies... 37779787 Chef Hank You can't find a better cook than Hank, come try his meals, you will be glad you did. 37779788 Ann Dedicated Ann collecting money for Bingo. 37779789 Boss Bob Bob is the chairman of the board and my Boss... yikes! 38285361 Guess Who Peek a Boo 85303667 Betty Modeling a potatoe 38285362 Betty At your service.. 45660799 Betty Boop At her finest 38285363 Betty Service with a smile 47633745 St. Patricks Day Who is under that hat? 74363397 St. Patricks Day Our Kitchen crew 74363398 Hank Looking like the Chef that he is. 85309407 Hank Trying to sneak away. 80304343